Plus Size Burkini

The first beach in the summer

“I, like watching men walking on the beach… “I AIMMMMMMMMME…”

But me, I don’t like to be looked on the beach with my swimsuit!

It is just unbearable! Especially with my big thighs and everything that goes with.

My girlfriends come to invite me to the beach then, I would like to opt for the burkini. (Between us, it’s convenient for girls complexed like me).

Good! It’s time to take the plunge!

So, before you go, I hesitate home in my room with the swimsuit one-piece. The swimsuit one-piece seems to be like a confession: “Yes, I bathe, but I’m hiding”. Besides, he’s crushing the chest. Finally, the little I have (yes I love me…). I am full of everywhere (A where is my magical razor? I’ve got the Escarole that wants to get out)

The monokini, which is even sexier! But here, as I didn’t do any sport that I promised myself to December 31, 2014 (grrrrr… resolutions dirt!) and my breasts are going to be very close around my knees.

And my saddlebags? Back, I look like a palmito!

But, why it is so complicated to confront others in a swimsuit? I can’t imagine what they’re going to tell all on the beach: “Oh my God!” Children do not look or you’ll have nightmares that night! Fast! Get everyone out of the water she looks hungry! But it’s a monster? It is human? ”

Have! Looking behind me, I saw my little broken veins: a real mapping of my bad blood circulation… I’m tired of be as ugly. But I so hot. And then I want to have fun in the water as when I was little.

And then flute! My friends are coming. I didn’t want to get drunk them with my complexes. I put my Jersey one-piece, autour towel and go to the beach!

This is it. Here we are. A crazy world. And here, I don’t remember not (sacred selective memory ;)) but all sorts of silhouettes are output.

So, yes the Apollons there you know? Which locked themselves for months and months to get to the top on the beach. And the Barbies, who, throughout the year, said: “the dressing except please.”

Yes, they are here (not many) but there are others: evil in their skin teens who walk bent, new moms who took a little weight but who cares because it made the most beautiful gifts. There are grandmothers who always on them the shirt of their youth and a swim CAP to protect their white hair.

There is all round body, more skinny. Mutilated bodies… I realize that we are all there to enjoy the Sun. Point bar. We have a right and the rest is not very serious finally.

With all this, I take off my big towel and I swing me ready to take on the waves.

Carole, one of my girlfriends go: “you go? Ah me I got so fat out of the question to show me in a swimsuit. “(Let’s summarize: Carole is the kind of girls who must make 50 pounds fully dressed with weights in his pockets.)” QED?) Then, suddenly, I changed my mind. When, suddenly, a very handsome man looks at me with a big smile and launches:

“But it’s very nice curves in a woman!” Especially when she assumes. ”

Well, friends, I don’t know you, but I feel super good this summer!