Plus Size Fashionable Clothes

The motto Giglio Rosso “Beautiful beyond measure” says it all about the fascination that a woman can express even with a size conformed.

The standard of the catwalks imposes a maximum size 42 “breadstick” with a woman/44, beyond which you should consider. This is not the case and the long experience of brands such as Giglio Rosso, Fausta Cinquini, Anne Weyburn and Cocoba prove it, creating and distributing elegant and trendy collections for women in large size.

Dresses, pants, sporty lines, elegant coats, jackets,and lingerie for plus sizes, no mention of models tell, baggy and opaque, but acceding outerwear, dresses and trousers also who follow the curves, cut and sewn in order to enhance the figure with slits or plunging necklines.

Coats & jackets, trench coats, capes, also in rich fabrics, fine details or sporty lines in chenille. Cgl lines are suitable for classic and refined women, great fitting and sizes from 48.

Giglio Rosso, one of the first companies dedicated to curvy women, as women with lines for all times of the day, from elegant to casual classic, a label invented by two women, mother and daughter with sizes over and which showed that true beauty lies not in small sizes but are the shapes and cut to make a difference. Colors not only dark but pure white, green, pink, red and even multi color. Short jackets, sweater, velvet, lace, rows of buttons strategically to enhance the figure. Sizes from 48 to 62.

Cocoba line, young company founded by two young women and fuller figure, serves trendy garments and decidedly lines, dresses and coats for plus sizes to achieve the dream to feel beautiful as it is really soft and enveloping.