Plus Size Long Dress: Dark Floral Print

I love long dresses, but I confess that not every model that catches my attention, no. Dress or long skirt, for me, has to be that love at first sight: it has to have something else that attracts my attention so I want to buy and use.

 When I saw this plus size long dress in Chic and Stylish, I was crazy! What really caught my attention was the dark floral print, which is beautiful to live! There’s nothing that estilão “Grandma pattern” that we can’t take it anymore, you know? The pattern is really very elegant, modern and wide, what doesn’t give a hint–fattening to the fearful on duty … Laughter!

I used the dress for a walk with my sister during the day, so I used only sneaker and an earring more discreet. However he is so cute and stylish that you can use to go out at night and even to go to a party. Oh, another tip is that plus size long dress is a great option to look for these country weddings that are up now! You can use it with pumps, anabelas, shoes, balls and sandals. He had these beautiful cutouts at the shoulders, play with your hair is a great idea. Long earrings will increase production if you want something more neat and chic.

Plus size long dress: dark floral print

I hope you enjoyed my simple production for a walk every day, but this dress is super adaptable to a variety of occasions, so this is a piece I recommend it, especially if you like long dresses. It is available from GG G5 in Chic and stylish. More information on the recommended articles: