Plus Size Short Gown

Someone said that the fatties can’t put the pipes out?

Hello, ladies! How’s it going?

Following that our series “who said chubby cannot use this or that?”, let’s talk about a piece of plus size clothingthat seems to terrify some of us: plus size short gown. Not that I’m worried to be reaffirming our image, but every time I hear that we’re not comfortable with certain clothes, or worse, when I think about it, I hasten to point out that we were beautiful with everything, always.

Why do we, we have delicious and succulent legs, we should hide them? Drum roll, the chubby legs are here to stay with xxl tips!

Have you seen? The models were beautiful with your legs out. Ah, Yes, the dresses help too! And has for all tastes! Can be something younger, more cheerful, more classical, more traditional … It may even be that you don’t like a plus size dress shorter, there’s no harm in it. What we should not believe fashion editorials experts this and that or our neighbor jealous that they say we’re not so or roasted. We have to try everything to know what is good or not in us.

Where we can use a shorter dress? Like I always say, common sense is key. Another basic little rule I like to mention is that “less is more!” Use your intuition to choose the occasion and the appropriate environment, place your plus size short gown and storm!

For girls who are not yet accustomed to use a shorter piece, as we are entering winter, a pantyhose (40 wire is already in a good size) help in time to assemble the look. It is very elegant, super trendy, will leave you less shy and even helps to hide imperfections in the legs, if that’s your case.

Girls, now is to choose the models most suited to the likes of you and put your legs out. I guarantee you will be very successful.

Kisses to all of you plus size!