Plus Size Wearing Bikini

You’ve found already the right bikini, but still not confidence to wear it? We motivate you! The curvy blogger-ladies show. A great bikini with matching accessories, and you will shine on the beach with the Sun to the bet. Let yourself be inspired, there’s the amazing looks of the bloggers!

Chastity, the glamorous! Chastity (31) loves the retro version. This Halter neck bikini is her personal secret!

Their accessories: You styling their Beach looks prefers something glamorous and striking. Here for example with a big hat or an agile maxi skirt with bright belt as an eye catcher.


Zebra: Franceta (20) takes a classic bikini cut this season but with eye-catching Zebra print. The rather high-cut Pant flatters the figure! Their accessories: flashy shirt to hang over and a pair of retro sunglasses. Perfect for a trip to the beach bar!

Black: Jennifer (23) is something “Sportier”. Her simple black bikini is super cool and chic, even without many accessories. The casual Dutt makes the look complete.

Their accessories: A small narrow bracelet!

The styling talent: Nadia (23) know exactly how she must use their curves. She wears to her playful bikini, denim shorts and a vintage Blazer with flower print. Hint: Rüsschen are perfect for the slightly smaller bust size!

Top styled:, Jay has the answers. She is completely styled out from head to toe. Her simple black bandeau swimsuit becomes the true styling tip.

Their accessories: A nice Pareo and lots of jewelry! Your extra: the high heels. Not necessarily suitable for Beach, but chic!

Stripes, stripes, stripes: Gabi (25) proves that even horizontal stripes with a curvy figure can look great. Top!

Their accessories: Crazy sunglasses! In white, due to the bikini.

Killer curves: tar (27) is blogging on “Curves to kill” on the passion to her body and modelling. She loves fancy bikinis in all variations. The shrill, the better!

Their accessories: Fancy hats and hair accessories. Very innovative, but also a piece takes courage!

Happiness: The Brazilian full-blooded woman Fluvia (31) wearing a bikini mix. Top Strip, bottom uni!

Their accessories: A happy smile!

ALLROUNDER: Black classic to play it safe! Christina (22) makes a great figure in her swimsuit and the deep cut-out is their eye-catcher. It uses no accessories, because the swimsuit has been Golden details. Thumbs up for this subtle but so effective appearance!