Plus Size Layering Looks

The layering look – or layered look simply in the German also – will not just stop, trend to be. Good thing, because this style you can play around much and create chic, playful outfits!

What makes the layering look?

The layering look has evolved in the 1990s. Nevertheless, he held up until today and is hotter than ever not out, but on the contrary.

The principle behind the look of layering is to combine plus size outfits with different layers in different lengths, i.e. one above the other to wear.

Plus Size Layering Looks

A longer shirt, for example, may hevorblitzen not only significantly under the jacket, it is even expressly desired! Increase you can do this effect with many different layers and fabric mix different colors of individual garments. How extreme the layering look is pulled, all depends on your taste.

Simply practical, this layered look

Not for nothing, he is called “Onion-skin look”. Through the various layers you can take off you virtually “peel” – just individual parts, if too warm, and vice versa. Especially in the autumn and in the spring that is super handy. The upcoming April weather is so notoriously unpredictable, with the look of layering that is also no problem.

Tips for the look of layering

Basically, every woman can wear the layering look stylish with each figure. Watch on your silhouette. Quickly, the layered look is “clunky” if combining with each other a lot and to wide layers. Nothing should go but wrong with a few tricks:

  • What you’re wearing an elegant look, you should select layers from lightweight materials. Thin knitted, chiffon, parts with lace and delicate shades, for example pastel colors, are perfect for it.
  • In contrast, but also “crisp” looks look great. This leather, rivets, dark colors, coarse knitting and fabrics may be combined like with a coarse texture.
  • More than 5 items are often too much. The layered look is then too messed up, visually divides the body into too many layers. As a result, you appear smaller and Nice than it really is!
  • The layered look is not too bulky and unnecessarily wears on, include a narrow part. You’re wearing, for example, a long, wide shirt with a cardigan and a short jacket, pants should be more tightly tailored.
  • A looser waist belt mitigate this effect, gives your upper body contours and is slimmer.

You should take it carefully with regard to Accessories. Statement pieces fit, small highlights also. Overloading you shouldn’t you but because the layering look in itself is already an accesssoire.