Pop Art Fashion Trend 2016

The pop fashion brings a lot of irreverence and warm colors, is an exotic and very modern style with influences in everything that involves pop, is pop art or pop music. His pieces are beautiful, perfect for those with a more daring style. The pope art was the artistic movement where artists like Andy Warhol stood out for his works in its work one of the most striking were the colorful paintings of pop icons like Marilyn Monroe. Already pop music are characterized by fabulous performances on stage, artists such as Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry have done and are part of that environment.

The pop fashion is nothing more than inspiration in these art and music icons applied in clothing and accessories parts. It is always very present in the world catwalks is an innovative, different and modern style. Another pop fashion feature are the famous drawings originated comic pop art that are present in several pieces of women’s clothing.

With different and fun accessories win every day more fans of this style. Parts as colored or patterned leggings, printed t-shirts, jeans jackets, all stars, among others are part of the guard female clothing. Pop fashion is also present in the music, who does not remember the many glasses already launched by Lady Gaga, outside his eccentric look that inspires many fans in time to dress.

Accessories are also something very characteristic of pop fashion. From jewelry, bags shoes, cell phone covers, and so on. Glasses is one of the accessories present in the middle pop, models with square and colored frames are the most popular. Color glaring as: red, yellow and blue stand out.For those who enjoy a different and bold style pop fashion is a great option, it’s quite fun filled colors and perfect for people who are not afraid to dress with style is irreverent and full of attitude.

The popular fashion is today one of the most affordable ways to be fashionable and many shops are made especially for this medium, always following trends year after year, leaving nothing to be desired.