Portable Charger or Power Bank. Worth Having One?

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have a small satisfaction whenever I have my phone or laptop fully loaded. On the other end of the spectrum, I’m impatient when the battery of any of my electronic devices are in red and there is no place I can load it. I’m sure it happened to everyone before, especially for those who travel frequently have to use their handsets and, at that very moment, the battery end. The solution to this is to have a portable battery charger or power bank.

Is It Worth Having A Portable Charger or Power Bank?

They come in all shapes and sizes, with different prices. You may want something light and easily transportable, or something bigger you can load all your devices. You can even have a portable charger, especially if you are a person who is not closely linked with technology.

However, the power bank can also be considered suitable even for those who have many gadgets. The example, I have a friend who is a consumerist both and bought a portable charger with input to multiple devices. He rarely leaves the House, including his Office is less than two blocks from his home. So, only the friends that visit end up using the charger.

On the other side, I have a friend who lives away from home, mainly because of studies, and more than once has had problems because of your computer’s battery or cell phone over. Even so, I still bought a portable charger.

You have to weigh your routine, as long as you stay away from any sources of energy, how many gadgets do you have and how important it is that they are always loaded. So, you can decide whether the portable charger/power bank is something that you can invest, but not without first knowing some more important information.

How Do I Choose A Portable Charger or Power Bank?

The first thing I want to ask is in which situations you will find yourself with these boots. You may just need a bit of load on your phone for the day, or maybe you might need a full charge for tablets and notebooks. At this point, just becomes a math problem to how much energy you need.

The energy in a portable battery charger is typically measured in Ma (mAh), and these devices are typically described with a number telling you how your battery capacity. The power output can be less than a few times.

Another thing to consider when you load your gadgets is to find a portable charger that can provide higher amps, i.e. the energy flow to the appliances. Otherwise, they will not be loaded correctly.

Some portable Chargers will also have a detachable charging cable attached to it, so that you don’t have to worry about load wires all over the place.

Example of buying laptop charger

For example, suppose I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 with a battery of 2, and an iPhone 5 100mAh 1, 440mAh. It stands to reason, then, that any portable charger that you buy should have at least as much ability as your smartphone. In this way, you can reload it completely from a fully discharged state.

Now, let’s say that I also have a Kindle Fire HD and a Bluetooth speaker. The first has a 4, 400mAh battery, while the latter uses 1, 500mAh.

Assuming you would like to be able to reload all three devices, you will need a charger with a battery of 8, 000mAh according to Andyoutdoor.com, remembering that this charger will have to have different power cables to connect to different devices.

Where to find such information?

If you are not sure which battery your phone, tablet or other gadget uses, you may be able to find out the manufacturer’s technical specifications section or even in the battery itself.

What is the Price of A Portable Charger/Power Bank?

The price varies a lot. for security reasons, we recommend that you run the shanzhai models and search for more expensive models but of recognized brands. Remember that the higher the capacity, the greater the price too. Our safety tip is mainly due to the different cases of exploding batteries, almost always related to xing models lings. A good price range for finding cost/benefit ratio is between $ 100 and $ 200.

Final Considerations

When buying a portable charger/power bank, remember that you don’t need to buy one with a capacity of absurd, just one that has enough to keep your connected devices and loaded for a while until you get to a power source.

You have a portable charger/power bank? What do you think of him? What recommendations would you give to those who want to buy one?