Poweriser Series: Trend Sports Big Jumps

With a step five meters to go, 40 kilometers of speed, jump two meters high-with the high-tech Powerisern a breeze. All about the failed fun sport.

For a long time, the use of seven-mile-boots was reserved for fairytale figures: the little thumb concerned the magic shoes to save his family, and in Faust II comes Mephistopheles on them therefore.

Assistance From Aerospace Technology

The dream of a fast locomotion without a wheel and only through your own muscular power has been in memory of people. Inventors did everything to build racing and jumping shoes–by resounding success, however, was none of the constructions.

A few years ago, aerospace technicians began to develop a fun device similar to the seven-: the so-called “Poweriser”, which 2004 for the first time on the market.

They are made of lightweight aluminium and glass-fibre reinforced plastic and are simply strapped to the legs. According to the manufacturer, it is possible for beginners after ten minutes to run without help with the “jumping stilts”: the movements are similar to those in normal running or jogging, only the feet have to be raised slightly more. Rubber ends ensure the grip on the floor. Professionals then use the futuristic sports equipment to place salti and high jumps.

Muscle Building When Jumping

When jumping and speed-jogging, 98 percent of all muscles are stressed, especially on thighs, buttocks, torso and abdomen. This is to make the trend sport five times more effective than jogging. And for joints and backs it is supposedly also unproblematic-thanks to the strong suspension.

However, falls are not uncommon. This is why an introductory course and a slow approach are especially recommended for beginners. Pros also recommend a well-fitting protective equipment consisting of helmet, knee and elbow guards at Commit4fitness.com.

In the Spotlight

The Poweriser can be bought in four different models, depending on the body weight of the athlete. The children’s version costs about 200 euros, the three adult models cost about 340 euro (orderable for example at Www.amazon.de). In some cities, the spring stiles, including protective equipment, can also be rented by the hour.

Want to try out the Poweriser? Then you should not mind being in the centre of attention. Those who are overcrowded, with a step of five meters and can jump two meters high, is finally the purest circus attraction.