Pregnancy: Prepare Your Bras For Breastfeeding

Apply creams rich in lanolin, ensure the perspiration and use a proper bra prevents the emergence of dreaded cracks of lactation.

During pregnancy and lactation, breast undergoes major
changes and it is important to take care of it in a specific manner. Bethlehem Benito,
pharmaceutical laboratories Suavinex offers you 10 tips
to ensure that your breasts are perfect during pregnancy and in the

  • Apply creams rich in vitamin E and rosehip oil to prevent the appearance of stretch marks since the beginning of the pregnancy.
  • It works the pectoral muscles. Swimming, yoga and pilates are ideal.
  • Use a bra suitable to the real size of your chest, which is comfortable, with wide straps and cotton. If you are using absorbent disks, there to change them frequently so that is not macerate the skin with moisture.
  • It is recommended to clean the breasts with water only and end with a stream of fresh water showers.
  • After birth there to offer the breast the baby, to facilitate the rise of the milk. And it seeks it rests well to suck to avoid cracking or mastitis.
  • Use creams rich in lanolin if your nipples are hurt and prevent the appearance of cracks.
  • At the end of the outlet get a massage with a little milk on the nipple and areola. Breast milk is rich in anti-infective and anti-inflammatory components.
  • It is important to switch breasts in each take and avoid chest collapses. If you feel too much pressure and the baby still does not touch you suck, you can remove yourself a little milk with the pump.

Use a suitable fastener. Venca

  • Before removing the baby from the chest, you must break the suction to avoid pulling with your gums and hurt you the nipple. It is ideal to introduce the little finger by the corners of his lips to break oral vacuum made by the child to the suck.
  • The nipple should always be well ventilated and never have to expose them to the Sun directly and prolonged.