Pregnant Vain

Pregnant Vain

Learn How To Take Care Of You While Waiting For The Arrival Of Your Baby. Check Outthe Tips!


When you’re pregnant, the most common is to hear: “As you’re beautiful!” or “you are until radiant!”. The joy of waiting for the birth of baby leaves, in fact, all most charming woman. However, don’t be fooled. Isn’t that why you will overlook the food, exercise and even give up aesthetic treatments and beauty rituals, right? After childbirth, the oversights charge the account.

Oxfordastronomy gave some tips for you to keep vanity at that special time. Check out!

Power supply

No go around thinking it’s time to eat for two. A pregnant woman ingests food conscious that she so much as the baby to nurse, but always in a healthy way. A tip iseating more times a day, but in smaller quantities. And, of course, consult a dietitian regularly throughout pregnancy. Check out how Dr. Denise suggests you eat in each quarter.


You should drink a lot of water, abolish alcohol and eat every 3 hours. Also try to avoid raw foods because of toxoplasmosis. Grains and cereals will give energy. Eat liver and vegetables dark green color, like broccoli, on account of the content of folic acid, which is important for the proper formation of the baby.


Don’t consume salty foods, nor abuse of soft drinks and coffee. Eat fruits and vegetables. It is advisable to consume wholegrain carbohydrates, such as rice and noodles, oatmeal, granola and brown bread.


You can eat chocolate in moderation, but it is still forbidden to ingest alcoholic beverages. The ideal is to drink two litres of water a day, since hydration is essential to prevent bloating at the end of pregnancy.

Physical activity

The legend says that women should not perform any type of exercise during pregnancy, which is not true. The recommended is, until the ninth week, avoid physicalactivities. Even after that, the gynecologist and obstetrician States that is best limited to little impact exercises, such as swimming, stretching, yoga and pilates. All these, of course, geared to the needs of future Mommy.


Stay away from beauty products is also a rumor that scares a lot of pregnant women. But nothing is as radical as well. All aesthetic treatments to which you are already used to it can still be a part of your everyday life. The only ones that should be avoided are chemical products, being important to consult a dermatologist to find out what you can use without worrying about and what can become a danger.

Pregnant vain

-Dye your hair at home, since with ammonia free product.

-Lymphatic drainage is also released and will help keep the body.

-Relaxing massages and dance classes will amaze any hormonal moodiness.

-For a healthy and radiant skin of truth, take plenty of water and abuse of moisturizers.

And after?

The concern with the body should not be only during pregnancy. After going through so many changes, it will need a lot of care. Thus, a balanced diet, stretching and physical activities can be very handy in the postpartum period. Creams against stretch marks, cellulite and skin blemishes are also indispensable to return to full fitness of before.

Sound mind

-Establish priorities and become aware of the fact that you can’t do everything.

-Respect your body, which is different from all the other periods of your life.

Always count with the help of the other members of your family.

-Don’t forget to pay attention also to the father of your child.

-Cultivate your social life and don’t miss friends and mates.

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