Pregnant Women Need More Affection

Pregnancy is a very delicate moment for the woman. Against stress and for the well-being of the child who will be born, the affection is fundamental. Find out more about this research.

Pregnancy is a very delicate moment for the woman over the nine months undergoes many physical changes, hormonal, or psychological. Research has shown that during pregnancy women need more affection either from their partners in General by the people that live next door: relatives, neighbors, co-workers etc.

During pregnancy the woman undergoes many changes, not all positive, and to which they can add noise unleashed by the stress and anxiety, the latter affect much the social status and the environment in which you live.

Having good social relations with neighbors and members of the community where you live helps the woman to have more security and confidence in herself, that regardless of the country of origin, social status and economic conditions. Feel the affection of people helps to stave off depression, anxiety and all complications from these dangerous psychological conditions.

Research conducted by doctors at the University of Michigan (Usa) has considered 297 African-American women reside in the United States and Europe, all to the 32nd week of pregnancy.Women who have problems with members of the community in which they live or are feeling discriminated against suffer a higher rate of stress and high blood pressure that result in complications for pregnancy, such as preterm birth, loss and pain, in the most serious cases and exasperated you may even get to a miscarriage.