Problems with Shorts that Every Woman Understands

You do not know to give up your favorite shorts? Then you know what we mean when we talk about issues of shorts.

  1. When you make a flap to shorts to shorten.

That’s why you wear high-waisted shorts worthy grandmother for the rest of your life. Usually it is better that they are a bit longer, so when they roll up do not fit with underwear. It’s really the best you can hope for a pair of shorts.

  1. When you understand that the shorts are you leaving your butt out.

You hear them down slowly. And down with constant motion until they force you to pull them up with a rip to fill again your ass and get them back into place.

  1. Pull down always a part of her shorts, but that refuses to stay down.

This situation is different from when the shorts leave you your butt out, because in this case it is as if you leave a “cheek” or the buttock en plein air. If the first catch is embarrassing, the second turns you into the guardian of your glutes throughout the day. You’re there to make sure that the worst does not happen.

  1. If the shorts are not a high waist, create with your belly the “muffin effect”.

No matter how thin you are, if you are wearing hipsters the problem is still around the corner and your roll of belly will spring out of the belt without you even you know it. Just like in a muffin when ballooned.

  1. The camel toe is assured.

Have you ever tried to pull the pants that were too strung between your legs? Of course you’ve tried. Remember: you want to wear plus size shorts (see definition here), but you have a vagina. This is a problem to be overcome for the whole day. Or at least for 8 hours.

  1. The terrible line of tan (or burn).

All tan lines are a little sexy, but if you have one of the shorts and even that bikini, when you go to the beach it will seem that you wear a pair of shorts lighter to a darker body. Maybe not.

  1. The thighs rub each other.

This is an unstoppable movement. If your thighs rub each other after a few inflammation that time you will begin to burn. And the fault is their own shorts, shorts because they know to be bad.

  1. When you rubbed during the day and you can not remedy.

How do the shorts do not understand that they can never seem chic if they make all those folds around the legs?

  1. When you do not know if with shorts you see cellulite.

Yes, okay, but you’re also a woman with a normal body.

  1. When your shirt is accidentally longer shorts and you seem no pants.

You were the crazy lady who was walking in the streets with his shirt and pants. It is as if at some point I had opened the unkempt style. You’re really crazy.

  1. The naked thighs stick to the leather seats and leatherette.

And when you try to move it as if staccassi a piece of tape from your legs. In addition you find yourself with the red marks not exactly sexy under the seat.

  1. When you sit on public transport you realize that your thighs are not in contact with the cleanest things in the world.

This also happens when you wear a short skirt and at some point you think “I have to be sitting over the area where the children are clean his nose and someone vomited”. Who knows. Meanwhile, schedule a shower when you come back you home is an excellent idea.

  1. There are no pockets in anything or when you sit out.

Do not try to put your cell phone in the back pocket, especially if you’re going to the toilet.