Product Test Tissue Dry Baby Plus

Always seek alternatives to products that use frequently and in large quantity with good cost benefit. Because save never hurts!

I’m loyal to certain brands of baby products. But tissues I confess that I always buy what is at best price. I have already spoken of the tissues of his own brand of Drogasil, the Needs, which I love and which has great price, and one of my favorites which is the Baby Nature because I always find the baby bag that comes with 4 packs of 3 via

This week making a purchase on the site, I discovered that tissue that Onofre didn’t know and decided to test it. Is the┬áDry Baby Plus┬áthat caught my attention in the short term for the price; R $4.28 for 50 units. One of the best prices on the market no doubt.

I thought I was too good the value, so I’m not hyped in testing because believed to be something of inferior quality.

To my surprise, the tissue exceeded my expectations positively.

It comes out easily without holding each other. Is very soft to the touch and super tough if pulled hard, don’t blow as you can see in the picture:

It is neither too dry nor too wet. Comes in right measure to clean.

Not form foam and not dry skin (I always step on my hands to see how they look after).

The downside for me was the smell, which I didn’t like, is far from being what I usually use in girls. But the advantage is that the smell gets stronger when we take the package, but disappears quickly after drought. Wasn’t no trace of smell in my hands.

Didn’t even allergy on Bruna, nor in Manu.

Approved and I will buy for sure.