Program to Convert Videos for Mobile

Watch videos on the mobile phone is the desire for more and more people. Cell phones are being manufactured with enough processing power to view videos with excellent quality, as good as we’re used to seeing on TV or even in DVD movies.

Watch Videos on Mobile: Compatibility Error

I had the experience of trying to watch on a Nokia N97 some videos I downloaded from Youtube. Were lectures from Google that is around 1 hour long each. As I couldn’t watch at a time, downloaded the video to watch later. The problem was that the video format was not compatible with the device. You would need to install a specific player, a specific app, to the format I wanted to watch. So, I decided to search on the Internet a program to convert videos so that they could be watched on mobile. Turning the video before sending to the device, I would have made sure that the video would run and with the best possible quality.

Program to Convert Videos for Mobile

The best program to convert videos for mobile I found was the Format Factory. This program is very easy to use compared to all the others who tested it and even theme benefit of having the main models of phones registered already. So, just choose the model of your device as default output format and all videos selected will be converted to this standard. This prevents you need to know about video formats and resolutions supported by your device.

For example: choose the format “Nokia N97 quality high”. All videos that have chosen to be converted have swirled in my N97, regardless of original format. There are several other models and manufacturers that can be chosen. If your phone is not in the list, it is also possible to choose the resolution and all other parameters of the video!

The Format Factory uses the codecs on your computer to be able to decode the video, and the coding again using own codecs. This ensures that if the video can be watched on your computer via Windows Media Player, for example, he can then be converted to any format in Format Factory. And not to give up software translated, the Format Factory is all in Portuguese.

How to Convert Videos to Cell Phone?

The conversion may take several minutes for each video, depending on the duration, resolution, quality, and output format chosen. So you can convert the video while doing other things on your computer, you can change the priority of implementation of Format Factory to the lowest possible. So the conversion will be made without the computer slow down to their normal use. Follow the instructions given for Easy Factory on the screen to convert the video.

Visit the website of the Format Factory, download the program and convert your videos to your phone. Then, comment here and tell us the result!