Project Ara, View the First Working Prototype

The first working prototype of a modular phone produced by the engineering team behind.

It is still allowed to be a bit skeptical about Project Ara, which essentially is a lego-inspired phone which is built up of various modules which can be replaced depending on the users’ individual wishes.

NK Labs is the engineering team behind the phone and can now showcase a functioning device which is built up of a number of essential modules such as battery, processor, speakers and a USB-barn door. The phone is running right now with an old Android Jelly Bean release and not Lollipop as it is in the long term, we see the plan nor a huge amount of functionality in addition to a phone that starts up, but it is progress nonetheless.

NK Labs call this prototype Spiral 1, sequel (Spiral 2) which, among other things, will have more space to alternative modules will be showcased at next Project Ara Developer Conference to be held on 14 January of next year. In addition to Spiral 2 will focus on the upcoming Ara Conference be on development of modules in various forms.