Protect Moto 360 with 3D-Printed Cover

It’s not just phones that may be in need of protection, view a 3D-printed cover for Moto 360.

The accessory Department to smartwatches is usually limited to a series of straps in different colors or materials, but now there’s good news for Moto 360 owners who feel a fierce urge to keep their watch in impeccable condition.

A user on the Shapeways -a marketplace for various 3D printing-have created a cover which fits the Moto 360 so to avoid scratches. There are two models, both of which are available in a variety of colors, although I do not quite understand why anyone would want to dress his watch with a cover in red, then it may therefore be possible.

The cover is available in a small Edition which covers the outer edge but leave a narrow metal piece visible, and a large Edition which covers most of the metal edge and only lets itself be visible screen.

Cover costs just around 50.0-crowns, but must then be sent to Denmark which costs roughly the same.Although someone probably will mock this approach to package its fine Moto 360 clock into what essentially is a plastic cover, so the idea is not completely hopeless, I think-there are at least more wacky ideas for covers, and if nothing else, it may be an opportunity to give its own smartwatch a more personal touch with some color.