PSN Gets Official Store Movies with Netflix Way

Sony released yesterday, the 27th, a new service for streaming videos to the PSN network users. Video Unlimited brings an intuitive and simple interface, ensuring that all titles are easy to be found by all users.

The service now has more than 40,000 titles available, ranging from launches movies, TV series, documentaries classics. All divided into sections by genre, country, language and even by actor if you want.

Besides being able to watch trailers and rent movies if you prefer, the new service is also able to make statements based on past user choices, or following criteria set by himself. With this functionality, you can travel between various aspects of a particular film – from the ambiance and theme, to the actors involved – and have access to all the other titles that might be related to it.

At the moment the service (still in the process of “preview”) is available only to users of PSN Plus residing in the US or Canada. As usual, there is no provision for release date in brazilian lands. For now the new application simply mirrors the content that is already available on PSN Store, leaving everything better organized and dynamic.

For more information, and know how to download application (If you live in any of the areas where the service is already available or can convince your PS3 it) just visit the official website.

I’m not used to stream videos from the console, but quite liked the interface (it seemed better than Netflix, for example. What do you think?