Pulsed Light Hair Removal Pregnancy

With the arrival of summer many expectant mothers have posed the problem of hair removal during pregnancy, wondering if hair removal with intense pulsed light can be harmful to an unborn baby. Let’s find out together.

Pulsed Light Hair Removal Pregnancy

It is probably the most advanced method for the treatment of unwanted hair. The pulsed light epilation can eliminate permanently and safely that terrible fuzz too which until a few years ago we could monitor only provisionally. But it is safe for pregnant women? Are there any side effects to an unborn baby?

The hair removal is one of the hottest topics and problematic among pregnant women, who are afraid to do something wrong or harmful against the fetus, but it’s summer time and even expectant mothers are willing to soak up the Sun without sacrificing without worrying about unwanted hair.

The IPL is one of the most effective solutions and there is accordingly no scientific evidence that laser hair removal is harmful to an unborn baby, but maybe some contraindication for mom there is. If you want pregnancy clothing, just click here.

The pulsed light hair removal is a safe treatment that in any case, due to the hormonal changes typical of pregnancy, which among other things have noticeable effects on the growth of body hair, it would be best to defer to a more suitable time, maybe a few months after childbirth. A hormonal imbalance, among other things, could alter the way your skin reacts to stimuli pulsed light, then the result could in some ways be standards-compliant.

Anyway during pregnancy should be avoided and postpone any type of treatment that is not required. Especially because in case something goes wrong, or if we follow a small inflammation treatment for a pregnant woman will be complicated take medications. So even if you actually hair removal with IPL does not have contraindications to the fetus, it would be better, during gestation, resorting to traditional methods more epilators.