Q&A about Wallpaper

How do I get air bubbles under the glass cloth wallpaper invisible path?
Not considered critical. They will stand out the most, less if you can run crosswise with a sharp knife, apply for a new glue, wallpaper quietly back rubs and back finished with a color.

I hung directly on a wooden wall?

No, you risk components -By the wood to solve the water in the glue or latex tip in the top layer of the wallpaper. This then yellow or red discoloration. Treat the wood surface first with a suitable insulation material or priming agent.

If the glass cloth wallpaper is not stuck somewhere so good, I solve than by applying an additional layer of latex this?
No, just a small hole filled with wall paint, but repair not. Unfortunately, according to shoppingpicks.net, there is little to do and had a greater thickness of the adhesive should be applied, if the wallpaper is not always sufficient to apply the adhesive rubbed. -and even latex paints / muurverf- have a very limited filling capacity, also seems to make wet often different. After drying, you have a thin layer conceals small irregularities in the surface.

I have all the small cracks in the paint. Why is this?

This has to do with the almost always leave insufficient drying of the previous layer. Adhesives, sealants and coatings require a certain drying time. Bring to now have a layer of color on a previous layer which is not sufficiently dried, then the lower layer of drying the upper layer, as it were sealed. The underlying layer will still want to dry and break through the upper layer, which is visible as tiny cracks.

Can fiberglass plaster or MDF?

Yes, you can, provided you have the land but well prepared. Regardless of equalization, drywall will need to be treated with a suitable primer to lift the suction and MDF with a suitable coating in order to prevent the penetration of ingredients.

We have been in our new home dark wallpaper that we would like to paint light. The wallpaper will somewhere safe. We can before we go at once opaque color?

Even when a bright wallpaper, this is almost impossible. All shouts monodek, superdek, powerdek etc. Nevertheless, you will almost always to paint at least twice. On the one hand, this is necessary to get a good even coverage, on the other hand you will find that a finish in two coats of wall paint more body gives and is nicer. In addition, your house is now empty and it takes much less time and effort than when you already live.

I plaster on the walls where wallpaper steams away?

Officially, the answer is no, because the top layer of plaster too much damage/loss of the context of the moisture in afstomer. In practice, you do not have much choice if you want something different. Check in any case that you minimize the forces if you plaster walls are steaming off. The steam from the steam wallpaper stripper will first substrate or less should be saturated with moisture before the steam background diverged. Take your time, then you will damage the plaster as possible. After removing the old wallpaper drywall you will need to dry for more than a stone surface, because the plaster become too moist. Take -with mind up time or two coats of latex paint on interior walls, so the wallpaper for any subsequent refurbishment easier to separate them.

I painted my wallpaper with latex paint. I see now that all the blows it sit under the wallpaper. The wallpaper is not completely dry. Complete this yet.
If I guess well glued wallpaper origins and were tight everywhere, you need not worry. During drying after application of the original wallpaper, these air sacs probably already visible. This is because the introduction of air in the wall. After drying, the wallpaper will blow for 99.9 percent again depart.

Can I apply over fiberglass wallpaper spachtelputz?

This is not recommended because glass cloth wallpaper is not suitable as a carrier for spachtelputz. One option could be to make a quarter of a coat of paint structure, even if you or that it must take into account the existing relief in the glass cloth wallpaper. Whether the results will meet expectations? Remove wallpaper and then with a clean slate begin is ultimately the best solution.

I can see the same wall color difference between a half and half. How can this be?
This is hard to judge behind the computer. The whole wall is already dry, you have the color well mixed/types of surface is the same, you have taken a long break halfway up the wall, another has painted the second part, you have opened a new paint bucket. As you can see, there may be many reasons. Maybe a little more?

I want the kids like to stick a behangrand. Keep it on the rough wallpaper?
No, this is difficult because behangrand then only partially bonded to the substrate and therefore very sensitive. It can be an alternative to first apply a wooden slat in color that has approximately the width of the bra size. Afterwards, you can glue behangrand here. This can also benefit you later on the back edge can easily replace another without damaging the wallpaper.

Can I please seal the seams after I painted glass cloth wallpaper at once?
Yes, of course it can with acrylic. Since you will be painting wallpaper again, this is no problem. Acrylic requirements must also be imaged.

Can I use glass cloth wallpaper in bathrooms?
Yes you can, even if it is on the verge of a tub or sink, or within the shower does not make sense to show moisture. On the other walls can do this. Or close the seams tightly with acrylic surface before the wallpaper -i preferential painting a wall as vinyl latex.