Quality Children’s Clothing Online

Children’s clothing and baby clothes-everything for small and slightly larger size

The store delivers great quality, which makes children’s clothes in that the kids can play and have fun without that it should go out of their clothes.

Quality Children’s Clothing Online

quality children's clothing

Children’s clothes from it are very solid, if you compare with clothes from similar brands. Their clothing consists of several different collections, and is thus not only clothes for children in the form of thermal wear, flight suits and the like. On abbreviationfinder.org: also ESCCA, trendy rubber boots, panties and sleepwear in good quality – Evanston School Children Clothing Association.

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A strong brand within clothes for children

With strong parent brand up its sleeve in the form of brands, the store is aware that children’s clothing quickly and can often become dirty, which is also the reason that their clothes are designed in such a way that the fabric and materials are still really nice, even after many laundry.

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Design that can be washed many times

Design of clothing for children on the website is not only created so it can be washed many times-It is also designed to fit with the ripe. The clothes are often designed in fresh colors and often have beautiful patterns pang, as many parents are happy-one can so easily see the child wearing the chic clothes.

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Extension of the product range from the website

The store was actually originally known for their rain gear, but so, as I said, many more collections in children’s clothes today. Even though they have expanded with a second kind of clothes, will share their rainwear probably still be described as their most popular products. However, thermal wear for children won large ground in recent times. Each case here on the website.

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This shoppping guide for children’s clothing picks the most beautiful and most individual finds out of the net. The two Berlin founders Nadja and Lilija definitely have a golden truffle nose

In fact, on line shopping is supposed to make life easier, but I often feel overwhelmed by the infinite offer. Exactly from the idea, the THE SHOPAZINE was born some time to pick the most beautiful items from the web and present them in a very convenient and clear way. So when you come here, you know I only show and recommend very special things to you.

With my needs for an attractive pre-selection and the idea of ​​curated shopping, I’m not alone, of course. If you are a mom, the time is all the more tight, but also the desire to buy bigger things for the kids. Similarly, Nadja and Lilija from Berlin, who have developed Pepe & Nika, an online Styleguide for children’s fashion, have also developed. So why sink into the net for a long time in search of something special, best of course biologically certified, and the unions simply completely times around?

So since we are all three sisters in the spirit and I am, of course, very curious, what exactly behind Pepe & Nika (you can guess it – named after the children of the two), I have the Momprenneurs duo a little squeeze.

How did you get the idea for your new start-up and how long did it take you to prepare until you finally could go online?

Lilija: Since I was a mother, I had to face several new challenges, and also to investigate what I put on my child and where I bought it. First of all you dive into a completely new world and try to find the things you like. It is like standing in front of a large forest and not knowing the whole trees. You spend a lot of time researching and searching, especially when you are demanding, design and love beautiful things and is not a mass consumer. Certainly, there are several shops that you like, but the disadvantage is that the selection remains the same for a period of time and there are only certain brands represented.

If you want more than that, there is nothing left to save the found stores somewhere and to go again and again to the search. After various frustrating shopping experiences, I had the idea of ​​a platform that bundles the most beautiful brands and offers a hand-picked pre-selection. I exchanged with Nadia about it – she was enthusiastic about it and we started immediately.

Nadja: We started with the first sketches in October last year. Since we are not web designers, Lilija’s friend Sebastian Scheerer, the UI / UX designer, has given us great support and implemented our ideas and ideas very well. So we were able to go online relatively quickly, in April 2016, with shaky knees and a huge portion of excitement.

What exactly is Pepe & Nika and what is the special thing about it?

Nadja: We curate the most beautiful things from the online shopping world for babies and kids up to 12 years. The special is in principle our selection. We invest a lot of time in the research of brands and labels, so you can not stumble on Google search quickly. The most beautiful things you find anyway mostly by chance and you need either good luck or a lot of time. Our platform shows the most beautiful and exquisite items, including special items.

Clear advantage for mothers with little time but similar requirements as us, they do not have to search for hours. We’ll take it! With us you can find things that can not be found on the big shopping pages, because the labels are too small, are not as high in production or are so new that they have not yet reached the visibility in the market.

An example of one of your favorite brands, which makes something very special.

Nadja : Actually all brands are our favorite brands, otherwise we would not take it with us;)

Lilija: I just love Grain de Chic. The Polish brand makes fashion for children, who can also wear adult or want to do it best. Unobtrusive and beautiful, simple, elegant, always natural.

But also the absolute opposite in terms of simplicity, Mainio, I find great. The brand captures me with its minimalistic patterns and individuality. Paade Mode, meanwhile a world-renowned Latvian label, enchants us both with their unusual and timeless clothing. Paade Mode, like some of our labels, stands for organic clothing that respects our children and nature alike.

Nadja: I liked Thief & Bandit. This was also one of the first labels we addressed. Ami Cunningham is the designer and owner, from Newfoundland, in Canada. At first their eye-catching patterned prints fell into my eye. The patterns are very natural and also very stylish and a bit crazy. A real sight. When I finally found out that Ami is putting on ecological aspects in the production process, I was still there and still.

The Germans are fashionably always a bit behind. What can we look out for when it comes to styling and children’s fashion from other nations?

Lilija: Yes, Germany is perhaps not France or England, Berlin is not Paris or London, but also like in women’s and men’s fashion, there is quite a lot here on the children’s fashion market. In Berlin, for example, so many small children’s modelabels have appeared over the past few years, which have their designs maintained and do not have to hide behind other European brands. I find it particularly remarkable that sustainable and biological production plays an increasingly important role. Almost a matter of course. I think Germany has a lot of potential here.

What do you attach great importance to when it comes to clothing for your kids? 

Nadja: It is important to me that the things have a certain quality claim. Just as for my wardrobe, I would also like that my child feels comfortable in beautiful fabrics. I prefer soft cotton or woolen materials for the winter. With polyester and Co. I can not start so much. For me, a garment not only comes with the design, but also with the material its value. Most of the time I prefer Pepe to simple colors, high-quality fabrics and sporty styles. This can then be best combined with each other.

Lilija: I take care that Nika does not wear polyester and that the clothing is bio-certified. Sometimes, however, the design and the demand for eco are also gaining in the background. By constantly discovering new products and brands and photographing them for our look, many beautiful things come together. In the day care is already rumored, Nika would have a huge wardrobe in the room. This is not true of course, it is only a huge chest of drawers;). Interesting I find that Nika with her not even 2 years already very much liked to try out clothes and then also show her brother or dad.