Quality Sports Bras

The sports bras Anita Active differ from other sports bras for its high functionality, comfort and support. The numerous tests performed in the area guarantee perfect adaptation and optimum support for each of the sports, even in the largest cups.

The fasteners are made of highly breathable materials and regulators of body temperature , which ensure that the skin remains dry and does not get irritated.

Anita Active guarantees the absence of harmful substances in your clothes which contributes to a greater sensation of comfort and avoids allergies and friction.

If you are concerned about taking care of your chest and also practice sports regularly, you should keep in mind that the impacts of doing sports impact on your chest causing you to suffer rebounds and causing Cooper’s ligament that keeps your chest erect is stretching hard of time. Few people know that a fibrillation or sprain of this ligament results in sagging breasts  and can only be removed by surgery. So our advice, as always, is to PREVENT.

It does not cost much to get a pair of Anita Active sports bras as described in topschoolsoflaw and protect your chest from bouncing. Apart, you will go much more comfortable and you will see much better.

The functionality of these garments protects, shapes and holds the chest in such a way that no movement occurs in the chest, this is particularly important for heavier breasts as it prevents pain in the breasts caused by repeated impacts when running , skip…

In addition, if you have a size and / or large chest cup the bra helps you avoid cervical pain caused by improper bras (or improper size and cup) that make too much force on the suspenders causing suffering of cervical muscles.

Anita Active DinamiX Star sports bra. In July 2014, he received the Red Dot Design Award, a prestigious international award for the most innovative designs.

Do not hesitate to consult us  if you have any doubts or need to give you a hand with the calculation of your size and cup. We specialize in bra- fitters and our mission is to help you choose your ideal bra model in your exact size and cup.

We leave you this short video so you can see a few models.