Reading Night Lamp

Before your eyes on the couch, in the tumult of drunken conversation sleep despite the laughter of friends people who have long not wake up – you can not guess a coach shirts and classic styles, you can see how in a dream, they are blown away by ticking arrows and spilled sand until narrowed their lips into a smile as freeze of mummification. Someone opens the door to the living room and tells you that you need to shave – and you recognize in this interloper grandfather of a black and white photo. Through the window echoing clatter of the train that has long immobilisation because it made more direct line through the mountain path.

Reading Night Lamp

See how in a bowl on the table spread the colors of a hydrogen bomb. They startled a strong wind when you look at the windows, you realize that it is a butterfly with its giant, impressionistic wings close the sky, because the outside is no longer night and everything is blue.

You keep seeing, clenching his eyes and still see. You see life as a journey from the first to the last metro station and starts to laugh aloud, through tears, because at the end of the journey seats were vacated and so far your journey has been very hard, and you see a little child in lap his grandfather, who incidentally has a sweater badge of Mao Zedung, and the child did not even smile, but they consider to open for the whole world, without a trace of judgment eyes and realize with amazement that his look was the point. And a straight face that you manifestation of that for the umpteenth time climbing the winding stairs endlessly and persistently hoping he’d find something else up.

Hitting the lamp shades and detection – already without any surprise – a huge green-blue eye, which with its iris around the room and extends to the invisible bustle of memory. Now there are star night lights at Josephnightlights. This is your chance. Now you can smell the madness that creeps on you with the knowledge – which is actually its paradox. Take the first thing you fall – hookah left to a suitcase in the corner – and swung heavily to the large, omnipresent eye. It is fast enough closes in itself and disappears, leaving under the weight of the impact a simple, completely harmless 60-watt bulb. Pieces of it flew directions. The room sank in the moment and place. You stand oshashaven the chair, looking, bristling in anticipation of more hallucinations. In his hand you held an empty cup only two grapes on the bottom. You look very carefully to a lamp on the dresser in the corner on it is a shitty globe gray vest. Your mind starts working the moment – goes through theories of vision from above or dreaming, or side effects of any medication until completely exclude the possibility of what happened, really happened.

Over time reassuring. Things go as usual. Of course you will never decide to restore the bedside lamp in the corner – let her stand there in the vest, from the simple considerations. She waits silently and with the history of human desire nesbadnatoto in the closed eye. Will wait quietly next time a girl will be applied and will decide there is not enough light to finished the lectures.

Because, you see, this lamp knows exactly what will happen.