Rema 1000 Grocery Shopping with the Concept Rethinks Vigo

With app Vigo from Rema 1000 fills you your digital shopping bag with items and get them delivered to your door by others, who nonetheless must past your address.

Rema 1000 launches today a new concept called Vigo, which is an it solution in the form of an app, such as grocery store has been working on in secret this past year. Vigo is created in order to respond to the changed shopping patterns, as more and more Danes have gotten as a result of share economy has been widespread.

It can therefore be made both easier, faster, and smarter to get traded daily items into than is the case today, believe Rema 1000-and that is what Vigo-concept manages to do. The concept is built around the fact that the procurement of goods can be made smarter, if people help each other.

‘Vigo must make it easier for the Danes to cope with shopping in a busy life. No matter where you are, you can get pressure on the phone act with Vigo and get goods delivered to your door by the others who put their route passing by your home. It will be a helping hand to the busy families, ‘ tells Henrik Burkal, Managing Director of REMA 1000.

You open the app, therefore, Vigo, are released on the 25. October 2016 at 10:25 and you are searching for the items you want to buy in. Then can someone else in your area choose to buy goods in favour of you if he or she nonetheless must past the nearest Rema 1000. It may be your neighbor, a friend or someone who just wants to earn a little dime-which, of course, is taxable.

The concept is therefore very much in the style of GoMore offering carpooling; now introduces this parts cost effective solution only in the retail industry. Several supermarkets have experiment with internet-based grocery shopping, but it takes place via large central warehouses and heavy transport, where goods are delivered to the door during the day.

With Vigo puts Rema 1000 emphasis on customers’ increasing need in order to cope with the purchase online will have no negative impact on the local shopping places, but on the other hand, it strengthens them. The local procurement takes place for which they always have done-they are just streamlined, so a busy life easier can hang together if a purchaser nearby still must act in and past your address. In other words, all purchasers.

You must first and foremost sign up as as Vigo-purchaser. It makes you at, where you enter your email address and choose your nearest Rema 1000 store. The only requirement is that you are at least 15 years and have a smartphone with MobilePay.If you want to buy goods in from home or elsewhere, it is simply to open the Vigo-app, which is available from the 25. October 2016 at 10:25. You are searching for all your items and add them. As soon as you have completed your order of goods reserved amount in MobilePay. All other users who have signed up as buyers in the area, can now choose to handle items in for you and deliver them to you. This must be done within 60 minutes, but 30 minutes, if there be purchased frozen food.

Who is going to deliver your goods, so after first-serve concept. It may also be that there aren’t any in your area, available to buy and deliver your goods, and then it’s just to wait.

On the other hand, if you even want to be purchaser and deliver other people’s goods, it is only to choose between the open orders that are in your immediate vicinity. Just as if Rema 1000 even had been responsible for the delivery of the goods is the price of between 39 and 59 dollars to have them brought to your door. The majority of the amount receives the purchasing agent, while a small portion goes to Alm. Fire.