Report: Apple Continues to Be the World’s Largest Fire

Interbrand report: Apple as a brand is worth 700 billion dollars. It makes Apple the world’s most valuable brand for the second year in a row.

Brand consultants Interbrand will announce this year’s most valuable brand in the report ‘ Best Global Brands “. This year, it is again Apple which runs with the lead.

It is two years since Apple fravristede leadership from soda-giant Coca-Cola, and this year it expands Apple lead further with an increase in value of 21% to 118.9 billion USD, 45% higher than Coca Cola.

Interbrand points to several reasons for Apple’s continued success as a brand: new products and services as Apple Pay and Apple Watch forces the California tech-giant’s position as the leading brand. Of new successful core products like the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus also helps to cement Apple’s leadership, says Interbrand.

Established brands in retreat

Among the leading branded, experiencing the most established brands either zero growth or decline.Both Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft and General Electric’s must take note of weak growth, or decline, of between 3% and minus 8%.

Apple’s two main rivals, Google and Samsung notes both on progress at 15% up to respectively 107.4 and 45.5 billion USD. Interbrand estimates that technology-industry, taken together, constitute the most valuable sector, with a value totaling 493.2 billion USD.

The largest increases in value are therefore in the technology industry, where Facebook valued at 14.3 billion US DOLLARS, a jump of 86% compared to last year.

Interbrand report is 15. annual statement since the first release of ‘ Best Global Brands ‘ in 2000. The value is assigned from a brand item’s influence among consumers, the company’s financial strength and ability to work with high margins on products and services.