Rose-Coloured Glasses for the Bride

So happy about it I, to write this column as ex-bride (and to be married, with the loved ones, of course), so I think it’s a shame nevertheless sometimes, no more to be bride. Shortly before our wedding, I had (luckily…) not the famous panic that everything would – go wrong or are not ready in time, but I may have well a few months longer the bride-to-be with pink glasses.

And not just to shoot such wonderfully crazy photobooth pictures with my maid of honor. I guess each pair of at least a year to allow time between engagement and wedding. If the location first set booked and fought the battle with the Civil Registrar is, it makes that pretty much fun, to be the bride in PES.

Please keep in mind before louder ToDos you need to take off your rose-colored glasses! If you need more suggestions, my personal top five – will find themselves tested and guaranteed stress-free.

  1. Mini-Fairs
    My opinion on the big wedding fairs is not a secret (click).But there are many wonderful smaller events, for example theLOVE Hamburg, where you can let wonderfully inspired. Maid of honor, mother, sister, or friend grab and tried cupcakes, leafs through photo albums, inspected wedding dresses and collect valuable tips from the pros.

Of course you can take also loved ones, if he likes… (I’ve seen as remotely shuffle many men behind their future here. She had no idea where she should look first and overlooked that stood on his forehead: “I would now like in football. Or in the pub. Or stuck in traffic on the A7. Somewhere, just not here…” Don’t do that to him and yourself. You have to do together everything, just because it comes to your wedding.)

  1. Fashion Show
    I had not the slightest clue how my wedding dress should look like, when I attended a fashion show in theMaison Bayowith the girls. It strolled red and white, short and long wedding dresses past us, was also a tuxedo plus hat. Great fun including Prosecco and so much nicer than to sit at home before the screen and to curse the Google search results… We tried a chocolate cream cheese wedding cake, I still dream of, at the end and carried home a Goodiebag of full inspiration.
  2. Wedding Magazine
    The most German wedding magazines I can start with rather little.I love bare in the Gala wedding – she appears but unfortunately only once a year.The marryMAG came out just after our wedding, since then I recommend it to all brides I know. So you. I can now read it again as maid of honour to the happiness!
  3. Movie Night
    Now we forget the wedding planning and the collection times completely for at least three hours.We grab a couple love girls, what sparkling cool and distribute us deep relaxed in Pajama pants on the couch.My absolute favorite for a bride movie night:bridesmaids. So delightfully evil! The female answer to hangover. You will see the need for Schokofontäne, wedding cookies and live music with different eyes. When it comes, look on English – only because the Irish police…
  4. Make-Up Course
    I’ve made up for our wedding itself.Kinda unglamourös, but everything else would have been logistically complicated me.To compensate, I wanted to be sure have a little make-up party with the girls. We were at MAC at the Eppendorfer tree, had the store for us and four full professionals who cared for us from 19: 00. (I mean, who hilariously gold iridescent eyeshadow with neon pink lipstick that looks must simply can what.) Always beautiful again: the question “and who is the bride of you?”

By the way: as a makeup event costs money though, you get a voucher for MAC products, you can redeem right on the spot but about the same amount (and become). I think a fair deal.

What is for you? I am delighted that I will be maid of honor a “bride of 2015” and may join fully in the bridal business. It’s just so much fun!