Rumor: Google Hits Anyway Android and Chrome OS Together

At the big event on 4. October Google will supposedly tell if a large an aggregation of Android and Chrome OS, which goes under the code name Andromeda.

A historically large aggregation of two of Google’s operating systems may be just around the corner. It looks it certainly would appear if it were up to the website Android Police.

A merger of the sovereign most widely used mobile operating system Android and Chrome OS operating system for computers based on the popular Chrome browser seems to be a reality.

Just a merger of these two operating systems have been discussed for several years, just as Google also has previously denied that it would happen. Last year it sounded, however, from the newspaper the Wall Street Journalthat Google will ‘show an early version until next year (2016, ed.) “in order to publish a complete edition in 2017.

Since then, there has not been any news on the big merger, but a tweet from Google’s Android Chief, Hiroshi Lockheimer, suddenly put the time in a lot of speculation. In “tweeted” he wrote on 8-year birthday of the Android operating system: ‘ we announced the 1st version of Android for 8 years ago today. I have the feeling that we are about 8 years will talk about the 4. August ‘.

So there is hardly any doubt that something historic large by Google’s event on 4. October, but it is neither about Google’s upcoming Pixel-phones, a new Chromecast Ultra or Google Home-unit. No, according to Android Police is, on the other hand, the merger of Android and Chrome OS, which will be announced at the event.

The website has for some time been aware of the project, which has allegedly code-named Andromeda. The details are yet unknown, and it is far from certain that Google will actually demonstrate the operating system, but rather just talk about and advertise it. In any case, it seems that the big merger will continue to be implemented next year.

Android’s fragmentation may finally be solved

Such a large merger of Android and Chrome OS will mean quite an enormous amount of changes – not only on the user interface, but also under the hood. Chrome OS operating system has a completely different architecture than Android, which means that the operating system can be updated completely automatically regardless of the computer it is running on-just like the normal Chrome browser.

The opposite is the case with Android, where manufacturers of phones will need many months – sometimes even up to a year – to adapt a new Android version for a phone, and this must be done specifically for every single model.

One of the major advantages of a merger between the two operating systems can therefore be much faster software updates. This can very well be Google’s solution to the long-standing problem about fragmentation, which has plagued the Android operating system.

In the source code of the current Android 7.0 Nougat-version seen there are already traces of the merger.There is among others spotted the text ‘ Discover Andromeda units by having the function with adjustable Windows’ as well as ‘Nexus 9 provides around 8.8. We distinguish results from Andromeda-and Android-powered devices. Andromeda-units require higher results in performance. ‘