Rumor: Samsung Disables Soon All Galaxy Note 7 Devices

Samsung will supposedly put an end to that many owners do not exchange their Galaxy Note 7 by disabling the phones the 30. September.

Samsung has already revoked the failed Note 7, out of thin air can short-circuit and even ignite due to a fault in the battery.

Later stories have emerged up on both a House and a car that has gone up in flames, as well as a 6-year-old boy who got burns on the hands.

All these episodes are made after Samsung has asked the 2.5 million. owners of Note 7 to return it and get it exchanged immediately. Since Samsung has not yet new Note 7-models ready, which can be obtained on the spot, it has led many to brave Samsung’s recommendation to switch off the phone and have it repaired as soon as possible.

Therefore, Samsung will soon take new methods in use. A user on the website Reddit has been in touch with Samsung in France which, first and foremost, be able to inform you that the new Note 7-models who works as intended, is ready to be delivered to customers on 19. September. It is a fact that the website Ausdroid also have been reported in Australia, which enhances the accuracy of the user’s history.

The more interesting piece of information is, in fact, that the South Korean manufacturer allegedly want to annihilate all Note 7 phones that are not swapped before 30 June. September. Through various services, which runs as part of Samsung’s TouchWiz-adaptation on the Android operating system, can probably get some sort of Samsugn remote access to all network-connected Note 7 phones, which can be disabled on the selected date.

Thus customers no other options than to get swapped the failed Note 7 to a new, which should be a very short and seamless process as soon as Samsung has new supplies in stock-which promises to be exactly a week.

Initially, however, even that Samsung lacks confirm that this will be the manufacturer’s next step in the attempt to have exchanged all the bugs hit models, in order to prevent more accidents that otherwise might end right ugly one day.