Runner Previously Bitten By Dogs

Dogs react differently to the runner, because rapid movements come drifting in the dog loose. Or passions lead to biting, barking or friendly to you go, you won’t feel like a runner. Some tips to protect yourself from a dog bite. Because damaged tendons and muscles, or tetanus is no fun. Do not rely on the “barking dogs don’t bite,” or that “he didn’t hear anything.”

Stray or lined up dogs

Stray dogs often react unpredictably on runners. As a runner or runners you will, therefore, be seen from a distance, fearing a stray dog. But even though the dog on a leash is that you know you have to pass the dog good distance because the retractable lines these days can be very long.


The inconveniences that can cause dogs to athletes, runners, and recreationists is obviously desirable and absolute responsibility of the owner of the animal. Even the dog owner sometimes tough behavior z??n the animal would be to underestimate or error by a nasty incident in the role that athletes will slide.

Tips to prevent an attack

What do you think of Nordic Walkers, sports or recreational runners now the best act in the event that you are threatened by a stray dog and want to be bitten by the dog.

  • First, it is important to realize that any dog can be stimulated by a person moving quickly. This has to do with hunting instinct present in every dog. In a dog, perhaps to a greater degree than in the other dog.
  • Because you never know what the intentions of a dog come running at full speed at you, it is strongly recommended to stand still equal to not encourage this instinct. The owner of the dog is also more likely to recall the dog or distracting.
  • Secondly, when you are standing still, no defensive movements with the arms or legs. To prevent thus the dog will bite.
  • Look the beast in the eye, but turn off the head from the dog and avoid eye contact. Keep your dog only from the corners of the holes.

Pet Corrector

If you’re still upset animal from jumping up, barking or perhaps trying to bite you, you should have something with you to disperse the menacing dog. With the use of PET Corrector proves to be good experience. It’s just a jar of innocent air, that allows you with a hissing sound can keep the dog away if needed. The use is safe for the dog, but it has a certain feeling something in your pocket when you play sports in places where sometimes a dog excited.

Cani Cross

Runners are also animal lovers. You can walk a dog on hard-going, which is running still get something from a team sport. Overall, you can’t run from the age of one year with a dog. For large breeds only after 1.5 years. At a border collie who needs much movement since about 8 months. Quiet building with a one-minute run time and then again 5 minutes walk. And so cautious step pace. The dog must go trotting and not gallop. As the owner and pet each other understand that you can take part in competitions for people with dogs, known as Cani’s Cross.

Greyhounds and athletes

Another fun fact about dogs and runners. At a distance of 500 meters a greyhound can reach a speed of about 16.45 meters per second. A trained athlete, but “only” 11 metres per second. A Greyhound has an average of 30 kg per heart as big as an athlete who weighs 70 kg. But the heart of the dog pumped 2 x as much blood. Since greyhound heart makes for a contest between 310 and 340 species, while the athlete has a heart rate of between 170 and 210 per minute.