Samsung Buys Assistant Viv from the Folks Behind Siri

Samsung has just purchased the artificially intelligent voice Assistant Viv, who is created by the people behind Apple’s Siri, but which is far sharper than his predecessor.

Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant.

What are the names of three of the greats voice assistants on the market today and are respectively owned by Apple, Microsoft and Google. Now joins Samsung themselves into this Club, since they just acquired the intelligent voice-controlled Assistant Viv. It writes the our site.

Viv is created by the people behind Siri and was presented back in may for a Conference by TechCrunch. Where Viv differs clearly from the other assistants are by its high degree of artificial intelligence. Viv can thus handle some something more intricate issues than URf.eks. Siri and Google’s Assistant.

Now Samsung has so got your fingers in the service, which is expected to be able to be seen on the upcoming Samsung products. But it is, however, not something that will be reserved for Samsung alone.

Sales of Viv is namely only occurred under the precondition that it not only will be Samsung’s lineup of tablets, phones, TV, etc., are allowed to get the Intelligent Assistant installed.

In an interview with TechCrunch tells co-founder Day Kittlaus, how they just want to bet on that Viv will be an open platform that must be used by all across platforms, since he tells:

“… system and philosophy is, without doubt, to keep this as open as possible, and add value to all the places we can. It is clear that we will take full advantage of Samsung’s presence in both services and of course products and integrations that are possible in order to make the experience really good. “

This means at the same time also that Viv is allowed to continue on their own as they have always done, but now just with a lot more support underneath them.

Samsung’s acquisition framework into a time where just the focus on personal and intelligent assistants is gaining ground in the mobile world, and, most recently, could Google for their large Pixel-event presenting their big bet on voice-controlled software.

When Viv finally lands on your device is hard to say, but it is certainly exciting to look at and try out what it is capable of. Even more interesting will be to see what the artificial intelligence gets of the importance to our mobile use and not least for our everyday lives.

Below you can watch the video from may when the creators behind Viv demonstrates its many capabilities.