Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Samsung with Style

Conclusion: The chic Galaxy Alpha shows in the test, it is equal to the iPhone 6, but no new Android benchmark. The battery life going right, the display is too fuzzy because of the Pentile matrix. Plus design and handling are greatest, there is a big minus for the missing microSD slot.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Samsung with Style

Shortly after the release of the iPhone 6 Samsung launched a new plate and brought as an opponent the Galaxy Alpha in the trade. A 4.7-inch top model with aluminium frame and a design of that boring looking Galaxy S5 can only dream. From a technical perspective, although slightly behind the Alpha to the S5, makes up for but with great processing, the aluminum frame and light construction this. The polycarbonate back in leather look no longer recalls a band-aid on the alpha and feels even better. According to,  if the alpha should actually be the first of a new series, the Samsung is reportedly planning we are already looking forward to the descendants. Because the 4.7-inch Smartphone succeeded really good for a first try. We can not understand why Samsung but refused despite a removable back with removable battery on the microSD slot; also a HDMI port is missing. After all, there are 32 GB internal memory (approximately 24 GB free).

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: AMOLED Display With Pentile Blemish

The compact screen of the alpha is about 384.4 cd/m² sufficiently bright, very rich in contrast and color-strong. Samsung always opts for the AMOLED technology, however not on full-HD. Usually also HD resolution at a 4.7-inch screen would be sufficient, but the Pentile matrix makes a dash through the Bill here. You use two instead of three sub-pixels per pixel and revealed slight blurring and a out letter borders upon closer inspection.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Battery And Acoustics

The battery life of the iPhone opponent from South Korea go alright. We measure average 6:14 hours telephone time and good 8:37 hours online life. The short time of only 1:53 hours brings the alpha points also. In any case, it is the iPhone 6 is clearly superior in terms of battery life. The acoustics of the phone moves at outstanding level, the alpha is the best fit by a whisker. We positively evaluate sound and volume.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Eight Cores Give Gas

Usually, we get in this country getting the version of Galaxy smartphones, in which a Snapdragon system works. The Exynos variant is reserved for South Korea. Not so with the Alpha: European customers will benefit from Samsung’s in-house SoC (System on chip). The Exynos 5 octa 5430 works with eight cores. Four of them are A7-cortex cores and bars with maximum 1.3 GHz. The other four are cortex-A15 cores, whose maximum speed is 1.8 GHz. If needed, all eight cores working simultaneously. The integrated graphics unit is the Mali T628 that it supports for example OpenGL 3.0 and DirectX 11. In practice, the CPU provides a tremendously smooth pace of work. The phone runs liquid, stable and fast. The Exynos also supports LTE of category 6, you can download so theoretically up to 300 Mbps in LTE network.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Updates Android

The South Korea Smartphone comes with Android 4.4.4. The current version topped Samsung with its latest TouchWiz UI, which brings a variety of setting options as usual. Each menu has its submenu, each option many alternatives. Who does not want to deal with, which can largely ignore this and does well with the default shortcuts. Samsung installed his fitness app, which also accesses the integrated heart rate monitor on the alpha. The fingerprint scanner is also on board and can be adjusted in the menu. There are by the Note 4 known Galaxy gifts. Who buys the alpha, gets no free apps available so.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Camera Test

The camera is one of the advantages of the alpha. While she shoots images with 12 megapixels, it takes 4K-Videos with maximum of 3840 x 2160 pixels (UHD). The famous Samsung modes such as “virtual tour” or “beautiful portrait” are also on board.In the laboratory, the alpha take photos of any outstanding, but also never disappointing pictures. In daylight, the pictures are very sharp and color fidelity for mobile conditions. In bad light, noise arises while a, but the motive remains very bright details are visible.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Alternative

The price for the noble Alpha is strongly favor, round 365 eurorequire online retailers for the iPhone competitors. It involves the design, and money doesn’t matter, this is one of our Alpha alternatives iPhone 6. The entry level model with 16 GB will costfrom 685 EUR. The iPhone is inferior to the Alpha in terms of battery, but can score with its easy-to-use operating system, the beautiful display and good camera. Who wants to pay less, on Android, and looking for a compact, even better Smartphone, should the Xperia Z3 compact fall back. The attractive 4.6-inch blockbuster from Sony Alpha on pretty much all points the Galaxy is superior, has a microSD slot, and costs about400 euro.