Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cause of Fire in Car and House

The case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 failed battery that suddenly short-circuits, continues to evolve. Now is both a House and a car has gone up in flames out. the error.

Samsung has in the previous months to get the new Galaxy hastened Note 7 complete, before Apple launched the iPhone 7 earlier this week, but even so, the South Koreans had perhaps the worst possible start.

Due to the high demand on phone Note 7 was delayed in much of the world, and the plan was actually first to launch it in Denmark today. The plans, however, were immediately arrested, da 35 sold Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones up to the 1.September suddenly even ignited due to a failed battery, which shorted out.

Samsung had therefore revoke Note 7 last week to avoid more incidents with batteries in the phone that futter of. Just as it was believed that it could not be worse for the Samsung, it turns out now that the hundreds of thousands of copies, is already on the market, is beginning to inflict damage on the buyers ‘ belongings.

At present, there are fortunately only talking about material damage and no injuries, but it is nonetheless some quite serious ones.

House goes up in flames

In South Carolina in the United States joins the local media to News about an episode Sunday, the 4.September, where Wesley Hartzog had left his Galaxy Note 7 during charging in his house to pick up her two daughters. When they return home again, they meet the House that is completely engulfed by flames.

“Everyone was here, and the (firemen, ed.) was actually at the front door and was about to go in and perform the first firefighting. Someone told me that there was a fire in the garage. Do you see; you never think it will happen to you. They asked me if I had connected to something in the garage. My mobile phone, which was the new Note 7, was connected in the garage. I also had an air compressor connected in the same outlet, but the compressor was not turned on, “ says homeowner.

Note 7 also to blame for the fire in Jeep

It is not only in South Carolina, that the error affected battery has caused material damage. Also in the city of St. Petersburg in Florida, the United States, has an unfortunate episode, according to the local media Fox 13 News occurred. This time it was a man by the name of Nathan Dornaches, if Jeep Grand Cherokee went up in flames and was burned beyond recognition.

Nathan’s wife Lydia, and their 8-year-old daughter drove off in Jeep’en to visit a private sale. Here the family bought a desk, which was loaded by car. Nathan left then its Galaxy Note 7 to charge in the car while her daughter and the family dog shortly after returned to the car for other chores. When it was suddenly clear that something was very wrong. The car was for a large backdraft (film), after the phone battery was short-circuited and myself had ignited.

After these two episodes does it therefore seem to be the right decision, since Samsung last Friday chose to revoke Galaxy Note 7 – Although it will be a somewhat expensive place for Samsung.