Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Dead

After several problematic weeks for Samsung Note 7 top model is over run. The production is stopped permanently.

The future looked bright for Samsung star phone, Note 7, at that time the Galaxy debuted in mid-august. It was at the forefront of technology, critics were wild with it and Samsung got scrambling just to keep up with demand.

Barely two months later, the South Korean giant now pulls the plug on Note 7 and shutter on and off for the production. It writes our site.

Samsung’s debacle started with a series of defective batteries among the first series of produced. In the worst case could phones become so hot that they could emit toxic fumes and constituted a real fire hazard. A huge recall and replacement of the first series.

The subsequent, ‘debugged’ series has since Friday been shown to pose a similar danger to consumers, why Samsung this morning officially began a sales stop this morning. Now it is followed by a decidedly production stop.

This means it

Owners of Galaxy Note 7 is therefore called upon to turn off your phone and mails them to the place of purchase. The purchase will then be reimbursed or exchanged for a similar model.

It is unprecedented that a smartphone must be through such a large-scale withdrawal, for finally being cancelled completely.

For Samsung will be the Bill’s pricey. Since the news broke, Samsung’s shares are controlled by 8 percent, equivalent to a loss of value in excess of 100 billion. Danish kroner.

Samsung’s travails with Note 7 wounds at the same time, doubts about the whole show’s future, as Note-the brand now has gotten massive scratches in the paintwork.