Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Self Ignites in 6-Year-Old Boy’s Hand

Problems with Samsung’s defective battery in Galaxy Note 7 continues. Now has a six-year boy had burns on his hands.

It is not just houses and cars, it goes beyond, after Samsung managed to send 2.5 mio. copies of the Galaxy Note 7 out to customers, which shortly after its release turned out to be a faulty battery, which can short out anytime.

In the long first piece of time was Samsung’s top model is not the cause of some injuries, but they are now starting to show itself. According to the newspaper New York Post has a six-year boy from Brooklyn in the United States received fire damage in both hands, after the House Note 7 suddenly ignited and exploded as the boy watched videos on your phone.

“The child as videos on the phone because the battery exploded. The activated alarms in my house “, says the boy’s grandmother, Linda Lewis.

After having dialed 911 they took immediately to the Downstate Medical Center to get attended to fire wounds, after the battery in Galaxy Note 7 shorted out and went up in flames. In addition to the physical injuries have experience according to the grandmother also put his tracks with the boy.

“He is at home now. He will not see or be near some phones. He has mourned for her mother, “ she adds.

After this episode the family is now in talk with Samsung, but it remains to be seen what will happen going forward. Samsung has so far not wanted to comment on the matter.

Already the 2. September valgte Samsung to revoke Galaxy Note 7, which, however, was not an official withdrawal. The American body Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which handles the recalls in the United States, has yet to approve Samsung’s approval for an ‘ official ‘ withdrawal.

With the continued reports of incidents with phones that suddenly antæder, Samsung now looks more seriously on the case. Now all customers also are advised to immediately switch off the phone, after which it must be lodged with the same. New copies of the Galaxy Note 7 phones without the faulty batteries, however, is only clear on Monday the 19th. September in the first countries.