Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Coming to Denmark

The phone with the special screen Samsung Galaxy Note Edge framework also the Danish market before long.

Samsung was among the first who made the really big screens with their Note-series, and now they are also at the forefront of the evolution in Galaxy Note Edge and then comes the phone even for Denmark.

It is not always that our little Kingdom to benefit from new and exciting products, but Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will be available in selected stores from December.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge differs from Galaxy Note 4 by screen continues beyond the one long page. The part of the screen can then be used to display messages, have its most used apps and etc.

In addition to a large screen and performance top notch is also Samsung’s newest features such as Ultra Power Saving Mode and fingerprint reader. Special Note-the show’s newest editions is also a UV sensor and of course Samsung’s S-pen.

Samsung has set a suggested retail price of 6995 crowns for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge.