Samsung Galaxy S5 with 4 GB RAM

New from the rumor mill: Samsung Galaxy S5 with 16MP camera, wrapping in metal and 4 GB RAM.

Rumors of an upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 began even before the launch of Galaxy S4, but now we are trying to pick up on some of the most talked about rumors.

Samsung will of course try to give the competitors struggle to balance sheet items, will be faster and better than others.

We have already heard rumours that Galaxy S5 gets a camera on 16 megapixel, with a camera sensor provided by Sony, writes our site.

Further should the new flagship come in metal wrapping, so Samsung might be able to get rid of the criticism to be “plasticagtig”.

The latest that have been added to the rumors are an extension of the memory to 4 GB RAM, which makes perfect sense, if the processor at the same time will be on 64-bit.