Samsung Galaxy S6 Can Be Radically Different

It is very early in development, but there may be something completely different in store, when Samsung Galaxy S6 comes.

The next flagship model from Samsung will be Samsung Galaxy S6, it is almost certainly. Samsung Galaxy S-line, however, can look forward to getting a proper overhaul if we are to believe recent reports come from Samsung.

Sources tells the that Samsung Galaxy S6 right now goes by the codename ‘Project Zero’. Previously Samsung flag ships named after a letter. For example, it was called the two newest top models, Galaxy Galaxy S5 and Note 4, while there was work on them, Project K and T Project.

It suggests that there will be started all over again with Samsung’s Galaxy S-line, and it is also what the same sources tells to SamMobile.

Samsung has begun the development of Samsung Galaxy S6 from scratch without looking at the previous models-and then it’s not to say where the phone ends.

The Koreans have started a new line of smartphones with Samsung Galaxy Alpha, which got really fine words with on the road, but also ends with metal on Galaxy S6 and similar lines, that’s not to say.