Samsung: Galaxy S6 Release Supposedly Preferred

Does the Samsung Galaxy S6 earlier than originally planned? New developments indicate that Samsung two to three weeks earlier could bring the successor of Samsung Galaxy S5 as a new flagship for 2015 on the market.

Therefore an above-average high profit expected for Samsung’s Department of electrical mechanics (SEM) in the first quarter, reported, citing the Korean side of ETNews PhoneArena. This is an indication that the Department under high pressure is working to finish the camera modules for the Galaxy S6 in a timely manner.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Release Supposedly Preferred

Production Of 20-MP Cameras Important

Here also the Clou is hidden: the report SEM would have greatly increased the production of optical image stabilizers for 20-MP cameras in recent weeks, high-end smartphones are to be equipped with them, says further. In the course of the second half of the year 2015 modules for 16 MP cameras should are manufactured then more, which are then used in mid-range and entry-level devices.

This could mean that the 20-MP camera modules in the Galaxy S6 already coming to the usage – and also that the new top unit is prepared by Samsung for a release in the first quarter. Already in December 2014 the rumor had the round made it that Samsung will try the two different cameras. Now, it seems to emerge, which modules for which devices are intended. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be officially presented on March 2 in the framework of the MWC. All rumors to Samsung’s new top smartphone you can read in our overview.