Samsung Loses 75% of Profits

Samsung’s latest quarterly result shows signs of weakness. In particular, sales of mobile phones is disappointing.

Recent sales figures for the third quarter of 2014, drag the dark clouds over the Korean gigants ability to monetize the mobile industry.

According to the most recent quarter alts report is Samsung’s profits more than halved from last year’s record high level on 56 billion DKK Samsung’s profits for the third quarter 2014 is today drattet down to 22.8 billion – a decline of 59.3%.

For Samsung’s most profitable business, cell-division, is the latest figures dark. Here, the Korean giant note a decrease of 75% in profits. In the third quarter of 2013 sounded profits at 37.4 billion, a surplus as of the most recent quarterly accounts plummet to 9.8 billion kroner.

Samsung still in front

Although the latest figures are bleak, they’re not red. Figures must ever be viewed in light of the fact that they, after all, is positive and Samsung notes for an earnings at 265 billion kroner, a more moderate decline of 20% compared to last year’s profit of 330 billion us $.

For just half a year ago, Samsung otherwise proclaim itself as absolute ruler among Android-producers. At the time, advised Samsung over 65% of the Android market, but the Korean giant must here realize that the throne is fragile.

The overpass is not compromised yet, but the latest statement of market share shows that Samsung must regain roughly 8% of the mobile market in order to strengthen its leading position for the 2013 level.

During the same period can Samsungs American arch rival, Apple, boast a gain of 8 percent.