Samsung Note 4 Subjected to Bending Test

Samsung’s upcoming top-phablet, Galaxy Note 4, have the same heavy-handed treatment as Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. Conclusion: Yes, the buoys also.

It created high-trend end Twitter-waves since Apple’s new darling, iPhone 6 Plus, showed signs of weakness under physical pressure. The whole affair spread virally since YouTube blogger Unbox Therapy inflected great mobile with bare fists. The hashtag #bendgate became, and Apple has since defended their design.

Now flexer Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy again a topmobil. This time it’s Samsung’s defending of phablets subjected to heavy-handed bend test.

Yes, the buoys

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the ultimate in mobile telephony, but Korean gigants, unlike their predecessors, there are now also aluminum in the construction.

Under Lewis Hilsentegers latest test suffers the same fate of Samsung’s new Note
Hilsenteger points out, however, that Samsung Note 4 not deform nearly as much as the iPhone 6 Plus: “it’s not nearly as drastic as with iPhone 6 plus, but oddly enough buoys the exactly the same place as on the iPhone: just under the volume buttons

At the same time that Lewis has managed to fix Note 4 out again after the tough hands treatment.

Plastic is best – to bend tests

The new video raises once again the question by aluminium as a material for smartphones, for the predecessor of Note 4, as consisting exclusively of plastics, can be bent and twisted even harder without getting visible, permanent damage.

With’s arguments for metal and plastic matched against each other. The conclusion is not unique, aluminum and plastic possess different qualities and drawbacks that need to be put up against each other.

Anandtech points out that aluminum is best to protect the internal components from heat and is better able to withstand scratches and shock. The downside though is that it is more expensive to produce.

Plastic, on the other hand, holds clear advantages since it is not blocking the antenna signal. At the same time, the plastic deform and straighten themselves out without suffering damage. Cosmetic plastic is also resistant to scratches as it can be dyed, and scratches will be less clear.

What is best in your mobile, therefore, depends on what is most important to you. But one thing is certain, the plastic is best for bend tests.