Samsung Shows Bracelet Battery Forward

Batteries are quite important in electronic devices, and Samsung is working on a type that is suitable for wearables.

In the Gangnam district of Seoul, there is right now a battery exhibition, where you can see various news within batteries. Samsung has shown here some of their work, and it looks really interesting, it is namely flexible batteries.

Samsung has already created curved batteries, so can be found in their wearables, but these can be rolled together and still function while they are rolled together to form as a plastic cup or a bracelet. 

The batteries are still in the development phase, but some believe that they will be ready for commercial use within 3 years. When and if this technology will be good enough for mass production, it is easy to imagine, for example, a smart bracelet.

The Koreans are some of those who spend the most money on research and development of new technologies, and it starts to throw some exciting things by themselves.

Flexible batteries has been seen before, to a certain extent, in LG’s LG G Flex-phone that can withstand being bent a bit. It is, however, no objection to what we see in the new battery from Samsung, so can keep to reach all the way around in a circle.