Samsung Smart Watches With Flexible Display

Things like this are what Samsung is registering in patent offices, specifically in their home country, as we have discovered the web Moveplayer. The application was made in February, and the patent was obtained in May.

What is the patent collected? Well the design of a smart watch, or smartwatch listed on TucsonSmartwatches, that could well marry the registration of name “Samsung Gear” that was realized weeks ago in the United States, Europe and South Korea. We see that it has two distinct parts, a strap of the style that we can find in a watch, and a flexible screen that gives it continuation (the strap seems that can be changed with facility).

Cosillas that can be seen in the log image: a connection port, two physical buttons on the side, and a pair of navigation keys, apparently Android. We can not know what kind of screens would be used, but considering that we are with Samsung, what strikes is that they use their YOUM flexible panels.

It seems a little early, but some media point out that Samsung could teach something related to this record at the next IFA 2013, in September. Event that could be as important for Koreans as their Unpackeds, as we are also expected to see the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

That Samsung works on a smartwatch is something that they themselves have made public, and considering that it is a type of device that has to be important in 2014, it does not surprise us that any manufacturer is cooking one. Just go through crowdfunding websites to check how many small work teams are presenting models.