Samsung Spends $ 255 to Construct a Galaxy S7

The research company IHS disclosed data about a study that analyzes the costs incurred by Samsung to produce each unit of Galaxy S7. In the final data has not been taken into account certain items, including marketing expenses and the costs of staff and those relating to plants, to real estate, distribution and software development.

Well, build a Galaxy S7 coast to Samsung exactly as it cost us realize the Galaxy S5 two years ago: $ 255. The most expensive component is definitely the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 , amounting to 62 dollars and equivalent to a quarter of the total cost.

IHS has been unable to identify the manufacturer of the 12 megapixel camera, however the cost estimate to $ 13.70 $ 5 more. Compared to Galaxy S6, Samsung opted for a sensor with fewer megapixels, demonstrating that the picture printing quality is not directly proportional to the amount of pixels that are included within the form. Try for quality printers.

“Samsung seems to have abandoned the path of inflation of pixels for an improvement of the technology of the room can offer better results as a whole,” reported Andrew Rassweiler, head of teardown on behalf of IHS.

According to estimates made by the company’s research, the remaining $ 174.30 were spent for the remaining hardware parts, including the side frame in aluminium, the glass parts of the body, the solid state drive and the Super AMOLED.

Assuming a price in the United States set at $ 670, the revenue obtained from Samsung Galaxy S7 for each unit produced (gross of cost items that are not included in the study) is approximately $ 415.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is available online from SoftPrice at 543 euros or Redcoon to 619 euro.The price is decent but there are 4 better models.