Samsung Wants You to Pee for Free: Only 25 Times

Samsung and the rest stops company tank & Rast start a NFC pilot project for contactless payments via Smart watch:with the Samsung gear 3S and the Sanifair access app are smart to travellers in the future with just a movement of the wrist: access to the Get Sanifair installations on German motorways.

To enter the Sanifair system users the Sanifair access app on your Samsung gear S3 just start smart and keep the Smartwatch at the NFC terminal of the access system. It opens after successful transaction – eliminates the time-consuming search for a suitable change.

The Sanifair smart users can access app here exclusive download for Samsung gear S3. For the first 20,000 downloads under Samsung Galaxy apps There are 25 free rounds at Sanifair locations with NFC terminal on German motorways. Important: The free pee breaks can be used only up to the 31.12.2017 via NFC. Then apply the fees laid down by the operator per toilet. Sanifair visit at the rest is normal with 70 cents to beech, of which 50 cent as a worth-Bon to the visitor flow back.

With around 350 service stations and approximately 390 rest stops including approximately 50 hotels, tank & races the leader in catering, retail, hospitality, fuels and sanitary facilities on motorways in Germany. Part of the roadhouses Empire as a subsidiary company in turn is sanifair.

So the Pee break with the Samsung gear S3 and the Sanifair app works:

Samsung gear S3 classic in the test

Thanks to excellent service, top equipment and after all, good battery life, Samsung gear S3 reached classic in the test a very good overall. The curved and light Android Smart watch that beats any competition from the Apple store, and is currently the best Smart watch our leaderboard from smartercomputing.

Shop recommendation for Samsung gear S3 classic body:Silver, genuine leather bracelet:black

Exclusive content in the Samsung app store

Samsung offers its customers with “Samsung Apps” an alternative to Google’s play store for Android apps. The Samsung market, not with the play store can keep up in terms of selection, however, Samsung users will find here exclusive titles that are not available on Google.