Samsung Will Show New Projects of Creative Lab

Samsung unveiled for the first time during last CES 2016, the first three Creative projects Lab (C-Lab), a division within the company that focuses on developing new and creative ideas, using what the current technology provides. On the occasion of the imminent appointment with SXSW in Austin Texas (11-15 March), music and film festival includes a set of lectures and interactive exhibits, the Korean House reveals three more projects, which through a series of videos circulated on YouTube already allow us to find out what it will be.

The first is called the Hum On, and is a software that allows to shape on the screen, a melody canticchiata orally, in a real musical score, almost like a musical translator. According to its creators, the algorithm used is among the most precise ever developed for an application like this and continually improving.

Waffles is the name of the second project, which incorporates some of the famous sweets in waffle crisp outside and soft inside. Waffle proposes the concept of social platform, in a sort of content feeds, with which all the users to interact, through adding media files, quotes, images and captions, about the topic of Waffles.

A content Builder, open to all, simple and intuitive, to create new social content.

The last project concerns the world of virtual reality, Entrim 4 d provides a pair of headphones to be used together with the viewer Gear VR, to combine a series of algorithms and electrical stimuli by sending in the form of sounds, “messages” ear nerve specific depending on what is played through the movie on

The idea is to make it even more immersive experience of virtual reality, to make the user part of the scene, trying to fool the brain itself, through the aforementioned audio stimuli.

All three projects will be exhibited at the Austin Convention Center from March 13 to 16.