Sandals Slippers for Summer

Here are the most beautiful models of Sandals ciabatta, the trend for summer 2015 that will make your special summer outfits. Flat Sandals, high-soled Sandals, Slingbacks or without, black & white monochrome, multi-or, we discover a most entertaining trend of the hot season to play for have always look glamorous.

What put the foot to be comfortable while enjoying being trendy and fashionable? The slipper Sandals, of course! Trendy and fun, the designers had to reinvent models of sandals that, until a few years ago, they weren’t considered glamorous. The maison playing with colors and patterns, with low soles on models of flat Sandals and high-soled, flat form, with a flat wedge that gives a few centimetres but avoids the feeling of real heel.

Sandals for casual and sport lend themselves very slipper and are perfect for casual summer days and evenings. If you love the sandals, you can opt for Sandals ciabatta H & M with two golden bands or black leather sandals with crossed straps, H & M, both with plant anatomical comfy reminiscent of what the Birkenstock models, now more than ever returned to prominence.

There are still more comfortable sandals and cleanlined, like rubber slipper Sandals MSGM in floral tropical white tank, and Marc Jacobs S slipper sandals | S 2015 black with buckle and applications, or slippers in black # 21 with a maxi bow. What could be more comfortable than a nice pair of flip-flops? For example the beautiful Havaianas flip flops beige with metal decoration on rubber strips are ideal for your days at the beach.

For those who loved the sandal slipper high, flat wedge models are perfect to have a trendy and fun, for both day and night. In the gallery there are varied, ranging from high slipper sandal Marni SS 2015, with high sole and cloth headbands, apps and high-soled slipper Whicheverhealth, striped black & white cross bands and logo, through high-soled sandal Oriental models such as the processed Pollen S | S 2015 with sash with Rhinestones and laminated range.

Not just black & white trend, but also a lot of color for Sandals ciabatta ups and downs: from ribbed sole sandal vitamin Susana Traca and sides glitter, at slippers high gem Coliac S | S 2015with colored stripes crossed and stones applied. Belli also models that have great personality and style, as the colored sandals with fringe Block 31, the futuristic Fendi Sandals with a refined design, then moved to the Leo slipper Sandals inspired pop art with words, until the animal slipper Sandals Alberto Guardiani S | S 2015 whites and Blacks with Rhinestones.

You will be seduced by the comfort and style, browse the gallery and choose the summer 2015 slipper Sandals that you represent to match with your outfit, so that distinguirvi every day for their originality and personality.