Sandberg Is Ready with nødlader for Mobile

There is a long way to the next charging station, Sandberg Credit Card can Power bank save your day and do not occupy more than a credit card.

The situation know most, the phone battery-level approaches dangerously the 0 percent, you’re out in the bus, the restaurant or concert and there is a long way to the nearest electrical outlet.

Here’s recently launched power bank in credit card format, save your day. The compact battery do not occupy more than a business card and measuring 4 mm in height. It can, therefore, be included in the comic book’s arsenal of short, and would like take out the boy, always be at your fingertips.

Sandberg Credit Card Power bank measures 92 x 62 x 4.8 mm modest and may not, therefore, houses a huge battery. Capacity is 850 mAh, which is equal to between half and a quarter of what modern smartphones. In other words, enough for a splash-charging, and not much more. For comparison, a Samsung Galaxy S5 battery approximately 3 times larger, with 2800 mAh.

Power Bank integrates a small Micro-USB cable, so you won’t have to have fix the cables in your pocket or purse.

Sandberg Credit Card Power bank gets debut today guiding 199.0-crowns and you can find your nearest dealer at our site.