São Paulo Fashion Week 2016 Day 4

The fourth day of marathon of parades of the São Paulo Fashion Week was to shine the eyes of anyone who loves fashion party – and maybe even if you don’t like that much. The richly embroidered lace of Reinaldo Lourenço, or the always beautiful dresses of Samuel Cirnansck, what you saw were pieces that ripped out sighs of who crossed on the Biennial and modeling the details carefully worked out.


It was also the time of two brands for the first land in São Paulo fashion week: the newest members of the line-up of SPFW are the Coven and Helo rock, with your brand. Want to know what else happened on Wednesday? Come see our Cliff notes:

Reinaldo Lourenço and the fantastic trip to Portugal

After a trip to Portugal, Reinaldo Lourenco came back full of inspiration to create your winter 2016. In one of the most beautiful shows of the season already, the designer brought to the catwalk a rereading of the famous Portuguese tiles, inspired by the Bairro Alto in Lisbon, Alentejo in Porto, in Sintra and Viana do Castelo. Is the pattern that gives life to silk shirts, skirts and dresses in fluid versatile lengths as the mini, MIDI and long. The artwork also appeared with strength on renewed of tailoring, with blazers in jacquard, straight pants and jackets that end just below the knee.

In addition to printing, another highlight of the collection of Reinaldo goes to the beautiful embroidered laces, which adorn jackets and dresses sleeves and leave the more delicate transparency. Perhaps the biggest gamble of the stylist for the season, the folds appear in parts built with loop top, satin strips interspersed with graphics and prints in blue, red and black.

Samuel Cirnansck and magic of party

With the girlfriend of football player Ronaldo on the catwalk, model Celina Locks, Samuel Cirnansck celebrated its 15-year career doing what you do best: enchanting with dresses that seem to have come out of fairy tales. One of them, in blue and white, to remember what the actress Lily James used in Cinderella, live action released this year by Disney.

On the catwalk, the sumptuousness of long black with transparencies contrasts with Golden models, with the richly embroidered bodice. There’s room for more open necklines, mostly in V format, but what if he also saw many with comfy lap. s knee length dresses appear in both versions drained, adjusted to the body, as rodad穩ssimas and leave the frame. Highlights also include options for brides-one of the most beautiful models was the last’ve been doing it, with long sleeves and embroidered skirt slightly round.

Apartment 03 and the enigma of the genre

It seems that the psyknowhow that inspired designers this season is the duality between the feminine and the masculine. First it was Ronaldo Fraga, who made a model change to the colleague on the catwalk. Later, John Pepper proposed a winter with them using ruffles in the suit, the shirt ties and flowers, which reflects some of your proposal for non-genre for fashion. And, on Wednesday, 03 Apartment plays with the “riddle of the genre,” inspired by the transformation of the Olympic athlete and ex-husband of Kris Jenner, matriarch of the Kardashian clan, Caitlyn Jenner, who graced

More: another reference was Orlando-A Biography, the work of writer Virginia Woolf where the protagonist experiences the feeling of being well man, well woman. The result is a tailor who makes bows and embroidery, while essentially male Sandals fit the closet with pedrarias and textures. The brightness of the collection was also the fringes, who appeared with Bugle beads giving movement to the wardrobe of them.

Coven and the furniture of 50 and 60

Straight from the line-up of (extinct?) Fashion Rio, the Coven mining landed for the first time in SPFW bringing your knitting inspired by the dcor of the decades of 1950 and 1960. The result was 7/8 coats with prints that resembled a rich tapestry, and that warm like hot dresses that end in ankle-length, in fact, quite seen pot here. Shawls resemble blankets and appear strong cuts, like blue, stuck with large jewels created by Luisa Velludo.

The brand still had room for six pieces in jeans, created in partnership with Carrera. To watch: again, the men mocassin appeared in feet of the models.

HELO Rock and mysticism

Another debut on the catwalk of SPFW: after Ravi Swaminathan, Rock now brings your namesake brand to the Biennale with a collection inspired by the mystical energy of Alto Paraíso de Goiás, one of the last travel destination of the stylist. The four elements of nature (Earth, water, air and water) appear represented in color, with black, white, dark green and Brown.

The craftsmanship and thorough of Bassam appears even more in working with leather, that mixes Python, technological fabrics and income, in addition to the manuals applications and embroideries, characteristic of the stylist. Highlights also include accessories, produced by local craftsman Daniela Martins.