Search List Words That Can Leverage or Break a Campaign on Kickstarter

To succeed in Kickstarter, not just create an innovative and attractive product. You have to convince people that he is all that and, therefore, the choice of certain words is important.

A study by researchers Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech’s School listed some words and expressions that, for some reason, usually lead to a successful campaign.

The research was done with the analysis of 45 000 campaigns launched from June 2012, half of them successful (51.53%, in fact). From the analysis of all texts, a kind of dictionary with 100 entries and their force was created to help determine if the project will be funded or not.

The list is in English and the words and expressions mentioned have mostly to do with persuasive speech – which makes sense; after all, the Kickstarter, you want to persuade people to invest in your project.

In the left column are those that indicate that the project will be financed; on the right, those that indicate the opposite:

You may have noticed that words do not have much to do with such persuasive speech, as “Christina”, “december” and “cats” among the most suitable. The study explores the occurrence of these words and the reasons why they may have appeared.

The first usually refer to celebrities such as Christina Aguilera. The second might affect funding for referring Christmas time, tax-free in the US or something unique culture of backers. Since the latter is the least has an explanation, except the fact that the internet loves cats (yes, it is in the study).

However, it is not only choose the right words that will ensure the success of your campaign in Kickstarter. Other to factor s, as offering good rewards, keep updates and make an amazing video, also have many points in favor – or against.