Sexy Makeup for Valentines Day

Tricks and tips for a sexy make-up for the evening of Valentine’s day and for all special occasions with your him.

If for Valentine’s day you want to be even more beautiful than usual and impress your him with a make-up that you leave him breathless, here are some tips to a sexy and sensual Valentine’s make-up. Follow the following tips from and your Valentine’s Day party will be a hit!

  • We start from the basis, namelyfacial makeup. To be really perfect cover any imperfections of the skin with a concealer and spread homogeneously opaque Foundation. Is an absolute must choose a version of Foundation no transfer, that does not leave traces on the shirt of your him in case of hugs or cuddling after dinner! For the same reason you choose a compact powder. , to have a look a little from Lolita, which people find very sexy, don’t forget to apply with the special brush a blush rosé and ultra bright cheeks.
  • ForEye makeup instead, if you want a really sexy make-up for the evening of Valentine’s day, try the smokey eyes look that will make your look deep and sensual. However, if you have the easy tear or if you are expecting gifts which can make you move like a diamond or a marriage proposal, better to opt for a more natural eye makeup to avoid disaster in the event that you were to cry. However, it is prohibited to relinquish mascara, diamond eye make-up sexy and feminine, but choose a waterproof version!
  • Forlip makeup, to look even sexier on Valentine’s day, you should definitely aim at a make-up that makes her meaty lips and sensual. It is essential to use the pencil to draw the outline of the lips; regarding the color of gloss you choose: red fire if you dare and you really want to provoke, or ultra bright pink for a sexy look but more impish.
  • Finally don’t forget totreat your hands and nails. Your hands should be soft, and nails must have nail file, preferably rich colors; be aware that men generally find very sexy eighties-style red enamel.

These are our recommendations for the make-up of Valentine, on how to continue the evening in the best way I’m sure you don’t need other suggestions!